Totally brutal. And probably also true.

This bit from the WaPo almost certainly sums up The Clone Wars better than anything else:

Lucas fulfills his lifelong dream of completely dehumanizing his space opera, replacing it with a digitally animated style that is somewhere between cartoons, Christmas specials and panoramic paintings on the side of a van. One thing is definitely intact from the most recent prequel episodes: From the first frame, all but the learned geeks in the audience won’t know what the heck is going on. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker (celebrity voices impersonated) are in the midst of the legendary and pointless Clone Wars, the battles of which seem to transpire on either Planet Marriott Airport or Planet Phallic Symbol.

Zap! Pow! What’s? Boom! Happening? But wait: Now Yoda has ordered our heroes (accompanied by their inappropriately dressed teenage Jedi summer intern, Ahsoka Tano) to help rescue the kidnapped toddler of Jabba the Hutt. That’s right: There’s a Baby the Hutt. I’d go on explaining “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” but you’d think I was high.

2 thoughts on “Totally brutal. And probably also true.

  1. Not to mention the slam dunk on the marketing end… you know, that part where they don’t have to pay anybody to put their face on a lunch-box/McD’s toy / etc. because cartoons don’t have contracts.

  2. I was high, and it still sucked! And You know I am a Star wars fan. One point missed. They did the pound puppy thing with the characters so they look all “refreshed” so as to sell more Kenner action figures. Every last one of the characters looked like they were anorexic. Worst character was some Jabba the Hut gangsta with a dew rag. I guess it tested well with the demographics dept.